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    Googles AutoDraw uses machine learning to help you draw like a pro

    Drawing isnt for everyone. I, for one, am definitely not very good at it. But with AutoDraw, Google is launching a new experiment today that uses machine learning algorithms to match your doodles with professional drawings to make you look like you know what youre doing. You can use AutoDraw on your phone or desktop […] More

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    AeroMobil to launch a commercially available flying car this year

    Image: AeroMobil Flying cars are the future, right? In the 1960s, the world imagined a future in which anyone could afford to take a drive above the scenery, but the technology simply never got there. Now, Slovakian startup AeroMobil has announced it will be launching a flying car this year and unlike their first prototype, […] More

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    That tingling feeling is just brain stimulation to make you more honest

    Zap! Image: Shutterstock / Mopic Human beings cheat. Sometimes a lot. Though we put systems and rules in place to prevent such deception, even peer pressure, laws, and moral codes often fail to stop us. SEE ALSO: Wikipedia stats reveal how our collective memory works Leave it to scientists, then, to develop a novel, surprising […] More

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    Tesla’s Valuation Is Inexplicable: AutoNation CEO

    America’s biggest auto dealer isn’t sold on Tesla Inc. becoming the top U.S. automaker by market capitalization. The relative value of Tesla and General Motors Co. is headed for a correction, as the latter is “clearly” undervalued, Mike Jackson, the chief executive officer of AutoNation Inc., said Tuesday. A week after topping Ford Motor Co., […] More

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    Toyota introduces robotic leg brace to help paralyzed people walk

    TOKYO –  Toyota is introducing a wearable robotic leg brace designed to help partially paralyzed people walk. The Welwalk WW-1000 system is made up of a motorized mechanical frame that fits on a person’s leg from the knee down. The patients can practice walking wearing the robotic device on a special treadmill that can support […] More

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    New 4D prints transform into permanent shapes when heat is applied

    New work out of Georgia Tech promises to lend a sense of permanence to shape-shifting 3D printing. The technology, commonly referred to as 4D printing by those in the know, aims to add another dimension to the 3D printing process by creating an object designed to change shape after it leaves the print bed. Most […] More

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